How do I download a backup of my website?

We automatically back up your websites and databases daily (you can read more about how it works and how to restore your site from one of our backups via this article: How Do I Back Up Or Restore My WordPress website with Timeline Backups?; however, we also encourage you to take your own backups either manually or via a plugin, because it gives you more control and you can never be too careful! This article explains how to do this.


Taking a backup via LyricalCP

  1. Log in to with your usual details. If you have not logged into LyricalCP before, we have an article explaining how to create a user and log in.
  2. Select 'Manage' next to the hosting package you wish to back up.
  3. Select 'Backup/Restore' under the 'Web Files' subheading.
  4. You can back up just your files, just your database, or both, by selecting the checkboxes in question and clicking 'Create Backup.'
  5. Once the Status changes to 'Backup Complete,' select 'Download' to download your backup to your computer. Please don't navigate away from this page until your backup is complete.

Please note that large websites may take a long time to download, especially if you have a slow internet connection.


Backups using WordPress plugins

If you prefer to have backups taken regularly by a plugin, please note that you will need to set them up so that they aren't backing up to your own web space. This is for extra security and to avoid filling your web space with lots of backups rather than your actual content and site files. 

For details on how to do this, please see the following articles:

How To Back Up Your Website Safely Using Updraft Plus

How To Back Up Your Website Safely Using Backup Buddy


For more on backups and creating a backup strategy, you may be interested in our companion blog post, How To Back Up Your WordPress Website.



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