How to back up your website safely using Updraft Plus

We take a back up of your website and database automatically every 24 hours, and you can also take a backup of your website easily from LyricalCP whenever you like. You can read more about that here: Do you back up my website for me? How do I back up my website?

However, if you want to take additional backups for your website using the UpdraftPlus plugin for WordPress, you can do that following the instructions below.

Please note: To stay within the terms and conditions of your hosting account, you must only use a backup plugin to back up to a purpose-built cloud service (Dropbox, Google Cloud, etc.), and not your Lyrical Host web space. This is because 1) your web space is for uploading files that could be actively used on your website, rather than as a general storage drive; 2) it helps stop you going over your plan's web space or fair usage limit unnecessarily; 3) for best security practices it's better to back up your website to a different location rather than the same web space.

1. Install the plugin by logging into your WordPress Dashboard at and going to Plugins > Add New. From there you can search for "UpdraftPlus," then click "Install" and "Activate."

2. Go to Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups, then choose the "Settings" tab.

3. From here you can choose how often you want your files to be backed up and where they should be backed up to.

4. Once you've selected a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google to back up to, you'll need to follow through the instructions for linking your accounts and authorizing them. This usually occurs in the form of entering your details for your account and clicking the "Allow" or "Authorize" button.

5. After that you'll be taken to the UpdraftPlus confirmation screen, where you'll need to click the "Complete setup" button.

6. To finish, scroll down to the bottom of your WordPress Dashboard page and click "Save Changes."

You're all set!

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