How to back up your website safely using BackupBuddy

We take a back up of your website and database automatically every 24 hours, and you can also take a backup of your website easily from LyricalCP whenever you like. You can read more about that here: Do you back up my website for me? How do I back up my website?

However, if you want to take additional backups for your website using the BackUpBuddy plugin for WordPress, you can do that following the instructions below.

Please note: To stay within the terms and conditions of your hosting account, you must only use a backup plugin to back up to a purpose-built cloud service (Dropbox, Google Cloud, etc.), and not your Lyrical Host web space. This is because 1) your web space is for uploading files that could be actively used on your website, rather than as a general storage drive; 2) it helps stop you going over your plan's web space or fair usage limit unnecessarily; 3) for best security practices it's better to back up your website to a different location rather than the same web space.

1. After installing and activating the plugin, click "BackupBuddy" in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar if you aren't automatically directed there.

2. Complete the "Quick Setup Wizard".

3. Click "Remote Destinations" under "BackupBuddy" in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar and click "Add New." Choose from BackupBuddy Stash, Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Please do not select FTP, Email, SFTP or Local Directory Copy.

4. Follow the provided directions to authorize your preferred cloud storage service. Be sure to save all changes.

5. Next, back in the "BackupBuddy" part of your WordPress Dashboard sidebar, click "Schedules." Choose how often to back up your website and where to back it up to, then make sure the "Enable new schedule" box is checked.

You're all set!

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