What is an SSL certificate and do I need one?

SSL certificates ensure visitors to your website have an encrypted connection. This means a third party can’t intercept any information your visitors give you, such as their email address or payment details. Visitors to your website will see https:// at the start of your website address and get a green padlock icon in their browser when visiting your site. This signals that their connection to your website is securely encrypted and no third party can intercept their browsing session or any details they share.

If you collect any kind of personal information from your visitors, from email addresses to payment details, you'll need an SSL certificate for extra security and buyer confidence. Google also favors websites with SSL certificates installed, and may downgrade websites without them in search rankings. Popular browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, may warn your visitors or display an error message if you don't have an SSL certificate set up.

Many hosts charge for SSL certificates, but at Lyrical Host you can install them free from your control panel. 

To learn more about SSL certificates and their benefits, check out https://www.lyricalhost.com/free-ssl-certificates/ 

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