Who issues your SSL certificates and why are they free?

All our free SSL certificates are issued by Let's Encrypt, which is an initiative supported by Google and Mozilla to encourage website owners to provide secure, encrypted browsing for their visitors.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates do the same job as the paid ones, and are just as effective at encrypting. Some hosts claim that Let's Encrypt certificates are inferior; the only difference is the warranty, which as far as we've researched has never been claimed by anyone, would be extremely difficult to prove legally, and is a moot point :) The real reason is they claim they're inferior is because web hosts are worried about losing their profits on paid SSL certificates, which often run into hundreds of thousands or millions per year.

Charging for Let's Encrypt certificates is against their terms, and even if it wasn't we still wouldn't charge you for them as, like Google and Mozilla, we also believe in free encryption for all!

Learn more about Let's Encrypt certificates at https://letsencrypt.org/ (you don't need to follow any installation instructions on their website; you can install your free SSL certificate in a click from your Lyrical Host control panel).

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