How to verify your website on BlogLovin'

1. Go to and search for your blog's full URL in the search bar here.

2. Once you're on your blog's Bloglovin' page, click "Claim it." (Alternatively, go to "My blog" on Bloglovin' and click on "Claim blog.")

3. You'll then see a box called "Claim Blog" with some HTML code for you to copy and paste.

4. Copy the HTML code, then go to your website and open up a new post.

5. Make sure you have the "HTML" or "Text" setting active if you're using WordPress (i.e. not the "Visual" editor), and then paste the code at the top of your post. If you're not using WordPress, just paste the code into a post using your usual HTML editor. Write your blog post as normal underneath.

6. Publish your post, and you're done!

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