What do you provide support for?

Our support team can help you with any questions you have about any of your services, including domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, back ups, file management, resource usage, and so on. We can also help with domain and hosting services you have with other providers in many cases, for example if you have a domain with another host or registrar that you want to link to your Lyrical Host web hosting.

If you have a question that's related to your goals or marketing rather than your website, e.g. you're looking to increase your Facebook Page likes or you're wondering how to improve your search engine optimization, drop our marketing team a message on Facebook chat or email marketing@lyricalhost.comĀ and we'll do our best to help!

Unlike other web hosts, we also help with most WordPress-specific queries and issues for free! If you're experiencing a problem specific to WordPress or WordPress code, in most cases we can fix it for you at no extra cost within a couple of hours. In the very rare event that it requires our senior web developer team and would take a substantial amount of work, we can work with you and provide a super reasonable quote.
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My question isn't answered here, can you help?

Sure! Please raise a ticket using this Support link, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!