Can I get a refund as I've not been using my account for a while?

Our refund policy on web hosting is 30 days from purchase. Beyond that, unfortunately we're unable to give refunds for services that you haven't used for a while.


This is because, even if you haven't logged into any accounts or updated your website and no longer want it, we have been providing all your services as normal within the agreed terms (as we haven't been notified otherwise), and we have still been paying for the following on your behalf: 


  • 24/7 read/writeable storage of all your website files on premium SSDs.
  • Daily website backups and 30 days of storage.
  • Daily malware scanning.
  • Server and software maintenance, management, and security updates and fixes.
  • 24/7 email storage, all emails received in this period, and the ability to receive further email, even if you haven't sent it (if you have email accounts with us).
  • Bandwidth use from visitors (including bots and third party automations) accessing your website.
  • CRM user costs (the monthly fee we pay for your Hub account).
  • Emails (and any texts) to you that form part of your service.
  • Support & maintenance salaries (including service-wide updates and maintenance, and sometimes specific communication to you, e.g. in the event malware is found on your site).
  • Donations to non-profits and charities from your spend with us (the organizations are listed on this page: Causes We Support).
  • Any domain name registrations or renewals (which are custom products we're charged by the relevant registry for as soon as registration or renewal completes and can't resell or get refunds on ourselves).


Additionally, we don't know when you decide you don't want a service any more, whether you are or aren't actively using it, or what personal backups you have or may want to take. Many people set up passive sites, or want to keep their files, emails, and other data even if they're not currently actively working on their website, or host a site on behalf of someone else after their passing as a legacy.


To help you manage your services, we send multiple emails to you before and when an invoice is due, so that you have extra reminders that payments are coming up. You can use these to know how much you're paying, when that's due, to manage your outgoings, and as a reminder to raise a ticket if you wish to change your billing cycle (e.g. from yearly to monthly) or cancel if you no longer wish to use the service (this information is also stored and available anytime via your Hub account). For this reason, we strongly recommend using your most active email address for your account (you can update it any time from the Hub).


Please note that all cancellations must be completed via your account in the Hub and we cannot take cancellation requests via email, chat, or other communication channels. This is for privacy protection and data security and verification, and you'll be asked questions about your data that we need to have the answers to before we can confirm your services have been terminated. Domain names you don't wish to renew can be toggled off autorenewal in your Hub account under your Services.


Thanks so much for understanding!

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