Why isn't my latest post (or latest update to my page) showing? How do I clear my website cache?

If you've published a post/page or made changes to an existing post/page but can't see them when you visit your website, it may be because:

- You've accidentally published it on an old date and you need to go back a few pages to see it (or republish it with a more recent date) or;

- You need to clear your website's cache.

If you're using our caching, to clear your cache:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Click "StackCache" in the admin sidebar.
  3. Click "Purge Everything".
  4. Save your changes.

View your website in an Incognito window or different browser to check your post has appeared.

If you're using another caching plugin, you'll need to locate it in your WordPress Dashboard and find the option for purging your website cache.

If you're still having problems seeing your post after trying these solutions, please raise a support ticket. If you're continuously seeing problems with this, please talk to our support team about disabling StackCache and finding a replacement.

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