How do I transfer my domain from Bluehost?

This guide explains how to transfer a domain from Bluehost.

  1. Please check your domain contact information is correct, especially the administrator's email address as all emails regarding the transfer will go there .
  • Log into your Bluehost Domain Manager.
  • Choose Domains in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down and select the domain you want to transfer from the list on the left.
  • Click the Contacts tab to the right.

Check the boxes for registrant, admin, and billing to view the information listed for each contact. You can view and edit each individually, or all at once, depending on which box(es) you've selected.

If you are changing the registration of the domain to someone new then make the following changes below.

Make any changes to the information for each contact as necessary, then double-check the information to verify that you've entered the new registrant & admin details correctly.

Do you see the option to opt-out of the 60-day transfer lock? If not, click Update Contact Information to save your changes. If it's there, updating the contact information will initiate a Change of Registrant request, which requires both parties to approve of the changes before the updated record can be submitted to the registry.

Follow these steps to continue:

  • Check the box to opt-out of the 60-day transfer lock.
  • Click Update Contact Information to save your changes.
  • Locate the verification email and click the link to verify the changes, please note this can sometimes go into your Junk folder.
  • The new owner must locate their verification email and click the link to approve the changes.
  1. Cancel Protected or Private registration.
  • Click the 'Privacy Options' tab.
  • If privacy is enabled, click 'Pause Domain Privacy'.

Transferring the domain name to Lyrical Host

    1. Unlock your domain name at Bluehost.

  • Click the Lock tab.
  • If the domain is locked, click 'Unlock'.

    2. Retrieve the authorisation code from Bluehost.

  • Click the Transfer EPP tab.
  • Copy or otherwise make note of the code so you can give it to the gaining registrar to initiate the transfer request.

    3. Initiate the transfer from the following URL:

  • Enter your domain name and the authorisation (EPP) code.
  • Select 'Add to Cart'.
  • This will charge you the equivalent of one year's renewal of the domain, as we have to renew the domain during transfer. Don't worry - you will just get one extra year on top of the expiry date, you won't lose any time you already have left on the domain.

    4. Allow the domain transfer to complete over five days.

Please note an email will be sent to the admin contact's email address.

    You can speed up this process by doing the following:

  • Click the Domains tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  • Click the Transfer submenu. 
  • Scroll down and select the domain pending transfer from the list.
  • Click the Transfer EPP tab to the right.
  • Click Approve.

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