Why do domains autorenew?

It is important to remember that you only own your domain as long as you continue to renew it. Auto-renewal takes the pressure of having to remember to manually renew your domain name each year. The convenience of this feature means you can leave Lyrical Host to renew your domain, to avoid you losing it or incurring any late renewal fees charged by the registry. If a domain name is not renewed on time, your website will go offline after 5 days, so you will notice. Typically, domains get deleted anywhere between 30-90 days after they expire. Once a domain is deleted, it is no longer registered to anyone, and this means anyone can purchase it.

When we're coming up to the time to renew your domain, we will email you to remind you, regardless of whether your domain name is set to auto-renew or manual renewal. When the domain is coming up for renewal, we will automatically charge the payment method that we have on file. If we are unable to successfully make the payment, we will email you to let you know.

If you prefer to have your domain on a manual renewal setting, that is absolutely fine and you can change this via your control panel. This makes absolutely no changes to your site, it just means we will not automatically attempt to renew the domain for you when renewal is due.
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