How to buy or sell a website

Sometimes people list their sites for sale in our Facebook group, or you may be buying from another website owner somewhere else. We can help you with the tech side (not the legal side!) of transferring your site into or out of your account, whether the website is currently hosted with us or not.


Please ensure you’ve taken all legal advice and use a contract stating what is included in the sale (domain name, content, etc.) and that both parties are clear on what isn’t included (e.g. personal photos, any relevant plugin licenses, etc.) prior to contacting us.


Please note that any websites you’re moving into us must meet our terms and conditions, and any disallowed plugins/themes will be discussed with you before or during the migration (we can install another theme for you if needed).


If the buyer’s hosting plan needs to be upgraded, we can take care of that as part of the process - it’s seamless, doesn’t affect any current sites, and you just pay the difference. If you’ve maxed out your Boss plan capacity, we can add extra sites for a small additional cost.


Please note that we strongly discourage handing over your whole Lyrical Host account itself by sharing your username and password with the buyer, even if password and email are changed. This is for security and privacy reasons, and because your payment details, history, address, and any other personal details such as passwords you’ve shared in support tickets and so on will all be visible to the new account owner. It also makes things more complicated for us!


If it’s hosted with us already

If you’re buying a website from or selling a website to another Lyrical Host customer, it’s super quick and easy for our support team to transfer it to a different account. You don’t need to book a migration or anything like that.


When ready, both parties need to create their own support ticket from their own account, as we need confirmation from both sides.


Our support team will need to know the domain name of the site being moved (if the domain is registered elsewhere that’s not a problem). Please note existing email accounts hosted with us will be moved too.

If it’s hosted somewhere else and you’d like to move it to us

You’ll want to book a migration as normal by completing just steps 1 and 3 on this page:

If the site is built with a page builder, for example, Wix or Mr Site, instead of booking a full migration you’ll be looking at what we call an assisted migration. You can take a look at the info and steps to follow for that here:


Please be very sure that you want to move a site to or from another account before getting in touch! We aren’t responsible for anything other than moving the site at both parties’ request.

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