How do I transfer my existing email from another provider?

In order to migrate the contents of your existing email accounts, you will need to have a hosting package with us.

The first step would be to create the mailbox in your hosting package. Please click here for a guide on how to do this.

Once your mailbox is created, you can then use our Email Migration tool to transfer over the contents of your email account from your existing provider to the new copy of your email account hosted with us. This must be done before you update your domain nameservers, otherwise, our migration tool will be unable to access your old email account.

To do this you will need three things:

1) Your mailserver hostname. This can normally be found in the email settings your existing provider will give you access to, or your existing provider's support team should be able to provide it for you.

2) Your email address.

3) Your password. This should be the password for the old version of your email account (which may be the same password you are using for the new version of your email account).

Once you've entered these details into our email migration tool, simply select the destination mailbox from the dropdown list, and click 'Sync'. After a few moments, you should see a confirmation notice that the migration has been queued up. Refreshing the email migration page will show you the current status of your email migration.

Once your email migration is complete, you'll then need to update your domain nameservers so that our mailservers will take over handling your email accounts.

The nameservers will need to be updated to the following:

Note: The moment you change the nameservers of your domain, the DNS change starts propagating across the Internet. Full DNS propagation takes 24 hours. During this period, in some networks, your domain will point to the new server while in other networks it will point to the old server. Thus while the DNS transition is taking place, some emails will be received at the new server while others will be received at the old server.

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