How many emails can I send per day?

The following limits apply to all messages sent via authenticated SMTP, which is typically a mail client such as Lyrical Host webmail or Apple Mail, but can also include mail sent via your website (e.g. using a WordPress plugin not powered by a bespoke mailing service like Mailchimp) if it's set up to send via SMTP.

  • Our email servers are set up to let you send up to 8,000 emails per email address per 24 hours from your mail client. You're not able to send email to more than 10,000 recipients per day in total, or more than 2,000 unique recipients. Additionally, you can't send a single email to more than 100 individual addresses. E.g. if you sent 100 emails to 5 different email addresses within a 24 hour period, we'd count it as 100 messages, 500 total recipients, and 5 unique recipients.
  • If you're sending email from your website, i.e. our web servers, we limit you to 500 emails/day. Emails sent this way should be no larger than 5MB in size. This applies to all messages sent via the PHP mail() function.
  • An autoresponder only sends once every 8 hours per sender.

The distributed nature of our network means email can leave through different servers at different times. Because of this, you may see periods when you can send a greater number of messages than the limits mentioned above. Please don't rely on this behavior and please note we don't support sending emails outside the volumes listed above.

We take a zero tolerance stance against the sending of unsolicited email, bulk emailing and spam, as outlined in our terms and conditions. Please note that in some cases, it may be that our system or the receiving email client accidentally considers an email spam. This can be due to a number of different reasons, including things like only having a very small amount of text, certain words, links, BCC'ing more than 20 people, and a whole range of other factors that may or may not be taken together or assessed separately. If you bulk email people regularly, or plan to email a large number of subscribers, we strongly recommend signing up with a specialist mailing service such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, or Aweber. This also means you're following the necessary data security and protection requirements required (for example automatically including an unsubscribe link and being able to prove that people opted in to receive your emails).

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