How do I transfer my domain(s) to Lyrical Host, and long will this take?

When transferring your domain, there is typically a waiting period. Don't worry, your site will remain online throughout this process! However, you won't be able to make any changes to the WHOIS contact details or name-servers until it completes.

The general transfer process is explained below:

  1. Obtain your domain name password (EPP Key) from your current registrar
  2. Order the domain transfer via
  3. The transfer will commence by sending the registrant contact listed on the domain Whois an authorisation email, this is where you enter the EPP key
  4. The domain will transfer over the next 5-7 days, however, your current registrar may be able to authorise the transfer and decrease this wait time

Please note, .UK domains follow the below process:

  1. Change the IPS tag at your current registrar to STACK
  2. Order the domain transfer via
  3. The domain will transfer over the next 24 hours
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